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Help, what should I do?

Hi there!

I apologize to bother you again, but I thought that you are the perfect ones to give me some advice what should be done. I am having a problem and this has never happened to me. Once I get some helpful information, I will gladly delete this journal if it has to be.

So now to my problem.

I am pretty sure a lot of you are familiar with seller chi0911282133 if I am not mistaken.

This seller sells mostly legit Pokemon and anime items from China for quite cheap too. My issue is with these guys:

I have gotten myself a Snivy first, which arrived safely with no problems. After a few thinking, I thought it was so cute when Snivy was spinning and wanted to know how the entire "train" would be like.

So on 11th of September I have purchased the Oshawott and tepig ones. After 35 days of not receiving those two, I put up a Paypal dispute. The seller responded immediately and apologized, said he will send them out once more, so he did. After all the conversation with this seller and my nervosity, I have gotten Oshawott and Tepig today.

BUT there is a problem. See it for yourself:

This is just a quick photo I did with my cell. Everything is working fine, but they forgot to add the stickers to Tepig's Parade item.

Now my issue is, what exactly should I do with this problem? I actually have received the items, but the stickers are missing. I did not yet put my Paypal dispute under a Paypal claim, but the problem is that the Paypal dispute I have put up will end today evening and I will receive the money.

I do feel bad for bothering the seller so much, but as a buyer, I should be satisfied and would like the stickers to Tepig as well. What can I do about this issue? Should I tell the buyer to send me the stickers? What about the money that I should receive back today evening? 

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys! <3
Tags: oshawott, snivy, tepig
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