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Part Collection update and storage questions

Hi Everyone,

First things first -help- me with my storage problem...

How do you all store your Pokemon, I have seen a lot of hammocks but how do they connect to the wall?

You can't screw anything into my wall because it is like plasterboard and just crumbles so I am having real trouble for storage as I cant put any real shelves up, the standing bookshelf in the picture isn't great because it has lots of wasted space behind it and the gaps are a bit short for the bigger pokemon.

Anyone any idea where I can get cheap hammocks (UK) or any other space innovative storage for plushies, as well as pokemon I have other collections of plushies I want to display :3

Anyway onto the photo... I did put lots more on but then my camera died and I had to squish the Pokemon onto just a couple shelves to make space for other things for other things :(

If I have anything super rare or anything can someone let me know, I just buy random things I like when in Japan and don't really know the value of any of it ;p
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