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Now taking commissions!

It's been a while since I've taken commissions, so I'll only be taking 10 total. I do fleece hats, humanoid and simple plushies, bead sprites, and custom pokewalker paint jobs!

More information on my DeviantART





Before you jump to post first, make sure you read all of my rules and additional information!

1) Know ahead of time what you want me to make. Don't say something like
"___ or ___, whichever is easier." One hat/plush per person.

2) HATS: include your head measurement(in inches) in your request and if you
want it to fit snugly or loose. My pattern makes the hat roughly 8" from
middle seam to rim, so tell me if you want it any shorter/longer.

3) PLUSHES:  My plushes are about 8" tall, please include if you want it small, normal, or large in size.

4)If you want a duplicate of one of my existing items just know it won't be
exactly the same since I'm only human.  If it's not one of my existing
designs, draw up a sketch or describe in detail exactly how you want it
to look(there are multiple ways to go about making a pokemon hat, say if
you want eyes/ear flaps/etc.) Keep in mind this is just my hobbie, so I
can't claim it will look store bought.

5) I have the right to turn down your offer if I feel I won't be able to do it properly.

6)If I accept, then I'll tell you my price. I'll also provide my own
sketch if you did not include one. Feel free to give me your input at
this point.

7) Once I receive your money I'll start on your item.
It can take me anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on my
workload, but I'll keep you updated.

8) When your hat is complete I'll send you pictures and adjustments can be made if needed.
After that I'll ship it as soon as possible. Be sure to tell me when you
receive it and leave feedback. Feel free to send pictures, too! :]

The base price is
$15 + $5 shipping(within the US) + $2(international). I will raise the
price depending on the number of pieces I'll need to cut, the materials
involved(additional fleece for lining, stuffing, wire, accessories),
complexity, and the amount of time I expect it to take. I only take

:star:Mini FAQ

:star: Do you do ART TRADES?  
I do accept art trades/exchanges. Feel free to make an offer, just know
that I'm picky and will likely only accept if it's an item I need for a
cosplay, etc.

:star:What materials do you use?
All my hats are made from Polyester Fleece. Other materials may include,
but are not limited to, polyester fiber fill, glue, puff paint, and 20
gage wire.

:star:How do I wash my hat?
I wouldn't suggest washing your hats in the washing machine. The fleece
is likely to pill and not be as soft afterward. Wash by hand with a soft
soap and let it air dry.

:star:Can you post a pattern/tutorial for your hats?
No, sorry. There are plenty of tutorials out there already. A quick google search is all it takes.

:star:I don't have the money right now, but I want a ____. Can you make it for me and hold it until I have enough?
No. Seriously, no. Just wait for more spots to open when you have the money, it's really not that much.

:star:I want a hat, but not a pokemon hat. Will you take my request?
Yes, I'll take commissions that aren't pokemon, even something simple like a
cat or bunny hat. If your request is complicated be sure to provide a
good picture/description to ensure you get what you want.

:star:All of your open slots are filled, but I really want a hat. Will you take one more/hold me a spot for next time?
No. Just wait until next time. Please.

I will be taking ten commissions total. Five from deviant art, and five from live journal. If after a week one is more filled then the other, then the remaining spots will be open for anyone.


Live Journal
1. punkspacewafers - Elesa plush
2. hex_girl - Gray Fullbuster plush
3. okitakarin - Killua plush
4. zangooseel - Uroboros Wesker plush
5. coyul - Pantherlily plush

LJ feedback: [Link]
DA Feedback: [Link]

Sales permission granted by dakajojo April 2011.
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