Lauren (citrusfied) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trying to contact a user but no replies...

Please remove this if this isn't allowed, sicne this is my second time asking about this since two months ago.

Has anyone heard from Cuddlefist? She has a LJ and a email I've tried to contact her on, if you know any other main email she uses please let me know! >< I know her other GA person I'm talking to now said she was sending out packages from that same GA, but that was over a month ago. Her and another girl who I'm in contact with did a GA, and i ordered a big suicune plush from her which was probably $30-$40. I still haven't received anything, and this was since like July when I spoke with her. >_<   I'm also too late to do a paypal dispute to get my money back. I've never had a problem with sales where I never got my item so i dont know, should i leave negative feedback? and if i do, will she not send me the plushie if i do give her negative feedback?

edit:// oh and i loooked  back and found this, its the link to her GA -
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