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Question about HardRock & Sneasel/Weavile Wants List

Happy Halloween !  Hope all of you had a good one.  Here's a creepy looking Mew just for you.

Her eyes will pierce into your soul....

Also, has anyone ever ordered from  There are some items I'd like to buy from there but I'm a bit wary about online sites besides Ebay and Amazon.

Annddd I thought I'd put up my wants list again haha, as I haven't seen any new Sneasel/Weavile Merch in quite awhile [My collection has gotten quite fat] ^^;  I would have done a collection update as well but I'm still waiting for a few things in the mail.

Wanted: Sneasel + Weavile Merch

Wants List
Weavile Tomy [Seriously... This thing ALWAYS escapes me XD]
Sneasel/Weavile Pan stickers
Sneasel Pokemon Time Merch that's NOT at a grossly inflated price : Candy Tin, Bookmark, Clearfile, whatever else that exists! xD!
Weavile chou gett
Sneasel Mini Clip
Weavile/ Sneasel Amada stickers
Sneasel swing chain
Weavile pokedoll charm, and anything else sneasel/weavile! [But not TCGs as I'm not collecting those at the moment b:]

Here are some visual aids of some of the stuff listed above and other stuff I want! XD \o/  Most of these things are usually either at really inflated prices or on Y!J. So I'm going to see if anyone in the community would sell them to me before I resort to other resources b:

My biggest wants are:
+ Any of the Sneasel figures and charms above ^

Most are the pictures are taken from nofuturenohope</lj> and also rypeltajaroll <3  I found most of these pictures randomly on the net so if one of these is yours then I'll be happy to credit you! :]

If you have any other Sneasel/Weavile items that I don't have on here then I'd love to see them!!  I will note that I have all the non-clear Sneasel and Weavile Kids, Jakks plush + figures, the Weavile bottlecap and I have most of the common sneasel/Weavile items beforehand though :3 I am also not looking to collect any of the TCGs.

And that's it!  Hope some of you can help me find a few of these items! ;w;  Happy Halloween everone! [Although now it's technically no longer Halloween over there XD]
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