Keep it real folks (cyritic) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Keep it real folks

Pick ups #2 and Pikachu pokedolls for acutions !

Hello communtiy for those who have bought from I have shipped them all. :D I will doing canvas plush pick up once more this will be my last pick up for this month and not to mention that raichu canvas plush is decreasing fast so first come first serve. :)

To reserve a spot you must pay first however If you could let me know when you could pay and work it out I will reserve a spot for you. :)

- Canvas plush in stock : Raichu, Drifloon, Vulpix, pichu. will be $33 SHIPPED 
                                             Growlithe, dragonite, lapras, shaymin (land), Riolu, Jirachi, Ampharos will be $26 SHIPPED

- Japanese re-release Pokedoll : Lapras, snorlax, Tokegkiss,Cresselia,Delibird, Pichu norched ear $36 SHIPPED

-All payments go to: don't forget to include your username and what you bought in the memo please <3
-Sales permission 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-Feedbacks as a seller and a trader here
-I would add you for any plush if you have a joltik plush for me <333

1. chaos_21 - Raichu canvas plush Paid
2. slowpuff - Dragonite canvas and lapras pokedoll Paid
3. nasija - Lapras pokedoll Paid
4. allinia - Drifloon canvas plush Paid
5. zeldana - Raichu canvas plush Paid
6. rally274 - Raichu canvas plush Paid
7. starlord - Raichu canvas plush Paid
8. doryphish333 - Raichu canvas plush  Paid
9. lunglock - Dragonite canvas plush Paid
10.  sei15 -  Drifloon, Raichu, and Growlithe canvas plush Paid
11.  rairai42 - Raichu canvas plush  Paid
12. espie - Growlith canvas and Lapras pokedoll Paid
13. paperoid - Raichu canvas Paid
14. elisha1288 - Growlith canvas Paid
15. leafdust - Riachu canvas paid
16. kyokenbyo_mica - Raichu canvas Paid
17. safaiaseidenki - Raichu canvas Paid
18.tracypokemon - Growlithe and Raichu canvas Paid
19.buyourjunk - Growlith canvas and Lapras pokedoll Paid
20.doomycaffei - Raichu canvas plush and pichu pokedoll paid
21.chairoi - Snorlax and Lapras pokedoll refunded
CLOSED Thank you all !!

Pikadolls Aution HERE

Thank you <3

Tags: ampharos, cresselia, delibird, drifloon, growlithe, jirachi, lapras, raichu, sales, snorlax
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