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New collection and PC pickup!

Hello! :D First of all, I gave all the buyers from my last sales post a link to my feedback, but of course that link is no longer good with the new directory and all! I had a few confused messages about it, so please leave feedback for me on my new thread here. Thanks.

Next, a quick collection update (start?)! I'm starting a collection of my favorite line from the B/W series. Given my love for weedle, this probably isn't very surprising but...


Ta-dah! Very small and unimposing so far, I know. Still missing the MPC plush! But it's a start.

Lastly, some unexpected medical bills have popped up that I'd like to try to make up for a bit if possible, so I'm going to do some PC pokedoll/pokemon time pickups this weekend while I'm out there to get some clearfiles for myself! Details under the cut!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in January 2011. Seller feedback viewable here and here.

What: Picking up pokedolls and Pokemon time goods at the Pokemon Center. Some people have sent me PMs asking if I can pick up Wailords for them since I go to the PC a lot. I will tell you the same thing I've told them, which is that I am happy to try to get a few, and I really want one for myself, too, but I honestly DON'T think that they will be in stock, and I only have two arms. :( Please keep that in mind.
When: I'm going on Saturday, Nov. 5th Japan time. I will get back to everyone about how the run went by the end of Sunday (Japan time) and would like to be paid by the end of Wednesday next week (Japan time). If you do not send payment/you back out afterward, I WILL leave you negative feedback.
How much:

Shipping for 1-2 pokedolls or a few straps/small items averages around 4-6$ but depends on weight. I'll be sending everything airmail.

Pokedoll: 17$
Pokemon time strap (Swablu, Gulpin, Wailord, Lotad, Skitty, Mawile, Torchic, Milotic, Treecko, Absol, Mudkip): 9$
Pokemon time clearfile: 6$
Pokemon time memopad: 6.50$

Pokemon time cushions: Asking 76$ including shipping anywhere. If these are in, I am willing to pick up up to 6.

Leave a comment with what items you want picked up and your country of residence. If you want more than one item and they aren't all in stock, I will pick up what is in stock unless you indicate otherwise.

Here is a list of the Pokedolls that I saw at the PC when I was there about a week and a half ago. Please consider it a best estimate of what's in.

starters (oshawott, tepig, snivy)
monkeys (pansage, pansear, panpour)
Throh, Sawk

Any questions? Just ask!

Pickup list:

1. chaos_21 PT Wailord/Milotic straps
2. cyritic Gulpin cushion, Wailord and Gulpin CF
3. rypeltajaroll Mawile/Skitty straps, Skitty CF
4. byakuya Milotic/Absol straps
5. dinictus Gulpin cushion (Wailord backup), Gulpin/Absol straps
6. raichub Wailord strap and CF
7. drag0n_aura Panpour, Ducklett, Axew pokedolls
8. chatsy PT skitty CF, memopad
9. miyazakipig emolga pokedoll
10. espie milotic strap, milotic/absol CF
11. okapifeathers Lotad and mawile CF
12. kyogre2604 Victini Pokedoll
13. mellow_candy Milotic/Wailord straps, Milotic/Swablu CF
14. sugar0coated torchic strap
15. infaru Milotic strap and CF
l6. caffwin Wailord cushion, wailord charm, gulpin CF
17. jadekitty777 Woobat pokedoll, absol strap, cf, and pokemon time memo
18. darkangellilith Gulpin cushion
19. reflexiveidiot Wailord cushion
20. tufails Mienfoo pokedoll, mawile CF
21. straydogstarbck Absol strap and CF
22. crasherwake Emolga Pokedoll, Mawile and Skitty straps, Wailord CF

Requests for pickups are officially closed! I will respond to those who have commented, but no more requests, please. Thank you!
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