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happy tuesday!

Just like to announce that all foam magnets from last month's batch are finished and on their way! Quite the army was raised...


I'm taking 10 more slots for foam magnets, since...I decided that is a reasonable amount. You can have 2 pokemon in each slot. Magnets are a flat $6 each no matter what the Pokemon. Shipping will be a flat $1.80 ANYWHERE in the world - this includes Paypal fees. You can also opt not to have the magnet attached, it does not change the price. For more information about foam Pokemon, please click here.

* * * Slots have mostly been called for, however, if you are interested, please by all means leave your comment here because in case one frees up, I would offer the slot to the next person in line. * * *

If you would like to see more, click below to proceed.

How are foam Pokemon made? This is something I have been doing for my mom over the last year. First I design the Pokemon, then it gets cut out, the pieces are traced onto foam of the appropriate colors, that gets cut out, and my mom puts the pieces back together over cardstock (for support), and we attach a magnet. Details are drawn by me with pen! All foam Pokemon will have a black border except if they are already mostly black in color.

The magnetic version of foam Pokemon are stylized and great for your refrigerator, locker, board, or any magnetic surface. Opt not to have a magnet, and they make for great decoration.

Please review and respect my rules and guidelines, and use common sense for any situations that could arise.

If you are interested in a foam Pokemon of your own, please comment here with what you would like and I will give you a total.

Slot status:
1. paperoid - Tentacruel and Flygon - PAID
2. nasija - Flaafy and Flareon - PAID
3. nameless5555 - Latios and Latias- PAID
4. littleledyba - Ledyba and Sunkern - PAID
5. meowllz - Altaria and Swablu - PAID
6. zenity - Quagsire - PAID
7. sugar0coated - Umbreon and Jolteon - PAID
8. deadfishie - Vaporeon and Scolipede  - PAID
9. pakajunatufty - Pikachu - PAID
10. growly - Growlithe and Mandibuzz - PAID
11. shadoweon - Mightyena and Poochyena - PAID

Meanwhile, please enjoy photos of October's crew:

A dogpile! The foam kids are messing around before they have to say farewell to each other and go off to their new homes.

This is much better, you guys gotta let the people see you.

Here are the Kanto starters from last time, all grown up!

Lastly, a sales plug. I have four brand new Jakks plush in my sales!

( continue to sales? )

As always, thank you for looking through this post. I am looking forward to receiving a couple of things in the mail - after that will be a sweet collection update that I am excited to put together! Keep your eyes peeled.

Tags: custom, deerling, sales, scraggy, servine, woobat
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