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Xmas Charms Group Buy

Hello all,

I can't resist the cute that is the Blitzle Charm in the new xmas sets :) so I'm doing a GB from Sunyshore, as it's the only one from the set I would like.

Cost includes charm + postage to me + postage to you (I ship from the UK).
UK residents - $8
Non-UK residents (EU, USA, AU etc.) - $9

Pikachu in wreath: mizuhokusanagi
Blitzle: lunglock
Pansage: jayceanime
Vanillite: clairefable
Pikachu with present: skysailing

Once all charms have been claimed & paid for I shall buy the set off of Sunyshore. All updates on this GB will be in the post (I'll comment you when they arrive and when they're sent off etc.).

All paid
Charms ordered
Tags: group auction, pansage, pikachu, vanillite
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