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Quick Pokemon beanie sales

Good afternoon community . I have a very quick sale today involving the new Ty pokemon beanies.
At the weekend I bought a pikachu off ebay and then yesterday my mother bought me the last Pikachu in Tesco along with an Oshawott. Since I don't need two, I am offering them up for sale along with my Pansage. They are NWT though Oshawotts tag has a slight bend in it. All will come with tag protecters donated form my old beanie baby collection.

I was given sale permission from Dakajojo on 16/10/11.
I wil not sell to anyone banned from PKMNcollecters
I accept paypal only.
I ship from the UK and will ship internationally.
I will usually post within a couple of days of receiving cleared payment- you will be notified! I always keep recipts and proof of posting

here we go.. .

all are $10 + shipping which varies from country to country.

Oshawott has been sold!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!
Tags: oshawott, pansage, pikachu, sales
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