Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,


I'm going to be on a big eevee spending splurge to treat myself before Xmas - so before I try ebay and hardrock, best to ask you guys <3! 

I'm looking for - Mainly! minky pokedoll
Jakks eevee figure. Mini walky - Flower mascot plush ( the one with the odd colours )  - Attract kids figure

But if you can show me any eevees that would be awesome!

Glaceon MC Plus figure

Any condition for any of it is okay (:! But no flats, unless the art is SUPER pretty 

and I'm looking for a entei pokedoll, this is a christmas pressie for my boyfriend. 

to make this post a bit more err.. alive, BLING UP YOUR POKEMON AND TAKE PHOTOS 8)!

Hipster yo'

Tags: eevee
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