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sales updates and collection updates!

Lots of new stuff in my new sales post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10474942.html?view=329717694#t329717694 so come check it out! Maybe one day I'll make a better link for it, but this'll do for now^^

Also, I've made quite a few additions to my collection, so come check it out :D

Been a while since I've updated, especially after my trip to the Pokemon Center a couple months ago, I had to save up!
Enjoy looking at my random stuffs!!

Apparently I never posted my Pokemon manga collection! Although it`s not up to date (missing Black and White and a couple Adventure volumes). I wish they made more of the older movie-based mangas!

Here`s another old update I missed: an old booster pack I found at Target.

Not many amazing pulls, but I do like the Jirachi/Shaymin coin!

Now for the newer stuff!
My Zapdos sofubi/Tomy DX! I didn't think I'd get him for such a deal in a GA! And honestly, this is the first time I've seen him as a hummingbird :p I don't know why I never noticed... Still, he is awesome and HUUUUUGE!! Thanks for a smooth GA [info]paperoid

My Pokemon Fan magazine, issue 18. Wish I had more of these, they're pretty awesome. I mostly did it for the clear Zekrom/Reshiram zukans and clear Victini kid! I'll leave the dragons in their packages for now, since I have no room :( Thank you [info]nanoplasm!!

Another big thanks, Nano! Glad I got these after the whole Sugimori thing, because they were getting harder (and more expensive) to find! Some amazing clearfiles!

I've had my eye on this boxset for a while, and decided to pick it up when a grand opening of Toys r Us had a spend (some amount) get $10 off. I finally decided to get it.

I was sad the Dialga and Palkia X cards weren't promos, but they are stil awesome and I did get a Darkrai and Rayquaza holo out of it, AND the giant card :)

I also got this boxset as part of the deal, especially because I didn't have any Emerging Powers yet.

I was surprised there was a Call of Legends in there, but I got an awesome Dialga with it! The 3D card is pretty neat too!

This was a bit of a gift, also from the same TRU trip^^ It wasn't in the card section so I didn't see the display by the tills.

Nothing too amazing, but I did get my promo card^^

I found this at Walmart shoved waaaay in back!

Not much, but a nice promo and checklist :)

Yaay super cute Minccino promo! Apparently the TRU ones are more sparkly for some reason, but whatever I like this Target one :p

Ooooo reverse holo Scoliopede is pretty^^

I also picked up this figure pack! Haven't seen it yet and although I have Snivy already, I wanted the other two.

<3 Jakks figures!

The latest Black and White volume. I know people aren't fans of them being full volumes, but I still like them^^

Another gift^^ I've held off on this one for a while since it was in every store I went to. For some reason kids like poking holes in the plastic... this one included >_>

Yay a Serperior holo^^

Apparently all the Zorua promo packs were all sold out, so I got this one first.

Wow tons of good stuff in here! Sort of sad Thundarus is a reverse holo, because now I want the regular holo too :p

I've seen picks of Reshy's bottlecap on here and I HAD to have one! ...I'll get Zeky later :p And it was on sale :D

And it came full of great pulls too!!!

Yaaay the final Mystery Eggs promo I was missing :) I don't know why this was so hard to find.... Thank you [info]bazula

Yay finally found the Pansage single! And it was on sale too :)

He's so cute^^

Yay I found the Zorua pack^^

Not bad, not bad^^

Oooo it was a good choice that I went with the Munchlax plush^^ I've been wanting a plush with an older style fabric for a while. And I got some card freebies^^ Awesome stuff! Many thanks [info]dionashi

Wow, I didn't think I'd be getting the Cyndaquil zukan line^^ I don't have many zukans right now, but I am VERY happy with this one!! Thank you [info]oi_m

Lastly, I couldn't decide between two plush and went with the Osaka exclusive PokeCen Meowth. I always thought it looked great and I've always wanted a Lucky Cat, so this was perfect! And I love PokeCen city exclusives! Also got a bunch of freebies stickers with him^^ Thank you [info]bluehyaku

That ends my updates, thanks for looking :D

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