Hamsteh (hamsteh) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shuckle updaate and help! O:

Soo I got some shuckle stuffs in the mail recently! :D

First up is this funny looking Shuckle. >_>

Okay he might be a bootleg but I still like him. :D Got him from Emii234, love the extra legs. XD

Andd then I got this, from Y!J. x.x It was kinda expensive but minty Shuckle Tomyy! D: <3

Andd this is where I want help. D: Do I open it? It's been sealed all this time but I wanna rescue the poor Shuckle from there. x.x you can barely even see him in the package. :( So I want to open it, unless someone has a used/opened Shuckle Tomy to sell me? D: The only problem is I might damage the packaging because it's taped shut, and surely if I open it it won't be worth so much. x.x

I'm also looking for the Shuckle swing charm/dex charm, or any other random Shuckle stuffs. o: He's so cute.

Thanks! <3

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