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Re-intro and Moltres wants

Hi! I’m doing a re-intro since over the last year my only activity has pretty much been stalking sales posts for Moltres.
So… Hi. I’m moltres93.

I’m a hardcore collector, mostly of toys. My collections include ravens, TransFormers red pandas, yellow Yoshi, My Little Pony, dragons, phoenixes, axolotls and Spyro, to name a few. But first and foremost, my main collection is Moltres and Pokémon.
I consider myself a big kid at heart. I turned 18 this year but I still chose to spend my own money on toys and games. I take pride in my collections - It’s what I really enjoy doing, so I don’t people get to me when they make comments like I’m “too old for Pokémon”.
Haters gonna hate.
Yelsha42 is my boyfriend of 3 years and is also a Pokémon and Charizard collector (though he lurks on Pokémon Collectors even less than me). In real life, I love drawing and hope to get into a career in cartooning or animation.
And below the cut you’ll find my ridiculously long wants list (and also need some info on some of this stuff too)…
ALL the Moltres

Okay. Some of this stuff has been on my want list for YEARS. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows where I can find any of this stuff, and of course if you have one for sale yourself I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands!

Most wanted:

Metal Moltres Top
Metal Moltres top
Moltres Action Flipz
Action Flipz
GRAIL- Long Moltres Fossil-reprint card
Moltres phone card

Plastic insert that came with this deck box
The plastic insert/divider that came with the Japanese version of this deckbox (note, I don't actually need the deckbox itself)

Roller Stamp
Roller stamp

Roller stamps
More roller stamps

Jenga card and Topps card

Postage stamp

Moltres Pin
Moltres pin in Great Ball case

Moltres card
Moltres card thing?

Clear Kid
Clear kid

Clear Kid
Another clear kid

Dice Thing?
Dice thing?

Moltres Dice
Holographic dice with Moltres on one side

Poke'ball bell keychain
PokeBall bell keychain

Metal Coin
Metal coin

Kid Box
FR/LG kid box

Calender page
Calender page

amada sticker
Amada sticker

Colour variants:

Green and Blue Moltres bubble gum wrapper
Green and blue Moltres gum wrapper

Green and purple Moltres dice
Plastic dice.. What other colours exist? I have only seen orange, gold, green and purple.

Moltres stamp(?) figure
Green base chibi Moltres stamp

other colours of this metal figure
Keshimon(?) What other colours are there of these? I have gold and light green.

Moltres Marbles

coloured figures
Different coloured mini models

Moltres Rollers
Different coloured rollers (have I missed any colour variants in this picture?)

Does it exist?

Moltres bubble gum wrapper like these
There seems to be one of each of the first 151 Pokemon of these gum wrappers, but I've never seen a Moltres one

Again never seen a Moltres one but I assume there is one out there

Looks like there was one of these made with each legendary bird, but I'm not 100%

Moltres keychains in bronze and gold
Do all keychains in this series come in gold, silver and bronze? I have only ever seen a silver Moltres

Poke'ball bell keychain
Does this bell keychain come in an Ultra or Master Ball version as well? I have the Great Ball and the Poke Ball is on my want list

Roller stamps
Is there an Ultra ball version of these? I have the other 3 types of balls in my want list

Lower priority:

Sticker with Moltres

Jigsaw Puzzle with Moltres on it
Puzzle with Moltres

3d keychain
Legendary birds 3D keychain

Mol/Zap/Arti Stamp Keychain
Legendary bird stamp keychain

bootie UFO
Bootleg Moltres UFO (eyes are embroided rather than plastic buttons like on the official UFO plush)
Thanks for looking!! ^v^
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