feraligatrftw (feraligatrftw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I've returned after a 5 month break, collection post

Hello. I've taken a 5 month break from PkmnCollectors and I'm returning starting today. I'm just introducing myself again and I hope to have fun here. :D  I collect mostly rare plushes, but I don't have many plushes yet.  I plan to get some more in the future. Here is a picture of my favorite of all the plushes I've collected so far.  

Here's some other pictures of my collection.

Here's a Pikachu plush from Nintendo World. I got it when I went to New York.  I also picked up a Snivy Pokecenter plush, and also a Servine plush, as well.

I have others, but I don't have pictures for them. :(
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