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Darcy Fremd

My want list

So after browsing and doing a tad bit of shopping, I've decided to post a semi-complete want list~! Since I'm just starting my actual collection, it's a tad large, and I'm not sure of the official naming to some, and if I even found the tip of the iceberg for the Minccino merchandise. I would welcome any help to finding more things to add to my list~ I also am not sure how much of the I ♥ Pikachu line I have covered, but I always thought it was really soft and cute looking. :3c So here it is!

photo from foureyedalien

This lovely Quagsire Onimuri~

I want this guy SO MUCHHH

I want this entire collection (on the Minccino side, not worried about the Munna things :3)

I want this round-head plush of minccino

I have the other Minccino kid on it's way soon to me, but I do not own this one :3

I'm not sure when this UFO plush was available, but I want eet! ^o^

The colored chou get (I think?) and the clear one as well~

I want this tin, I guess with or without the candy inside (I love to eat candy heehee~)

Best wishes coin collection #2 I think

The Minccino messenger bag

This Minccino/Cinccino clear file 

I'd like to get all four lip gloss pens of the Musical Promo

The scented memopad from the Musical Promo

The tote from the Musical Promo

I want the minccino bracelet from the Musical Promo

The compact mirror from the Musical Promo

The clearfile on the left with Minccino on it from the Musical Promo

The comb from the Musical Promo

The hat from the Musical Promo

The hair ties from the Musical Promo

I want the minccino (on the right)  scrunchie from the Musical Promo

Musical Promo minccino plush

I want both sizes of these, the Large one and the smaller dice bag. 

The minccino apple flavored candy

Both the deck case and card sleeves

I have the opaque one, I need the clear one still

I need the notebook, book, and lunch wrap? all the one with the same image as the first picture.

The cloth hang featuring minccino audino and pikachu

The Caramel Sable cookie tin (I would like it with the cookies if possible, but I'm not picky~)

The Dancing minccino HIGH PRIORITY

Dot Sprite tin

Dot Sprite pin

Minccino ribbon keychain

A victini, pikachu, emolga, and minccino eraser

Minccino hat

The best wishes Banpresto plush

DS/DSi game case

The reversible pokeball plush

Throw pokeball minccino

Minccino Pokedoll

Banpresto Minccino plush

UFO minccino plush (not sure if it's the same as the one listed above)

I want this like no freaking other HIGH PRIORITY 

Childs inflatable innertube

JAKKS figure (minccino only :3)

The special tin and the band-aids inside

Light-up keychain

The minccino tin (I cannot remember what was inside these...)

This pen/marker :3

The DX Minccino doll HIGH PRORITY

Minccino pen

I want the two minccino objects

Both minccino keychains (one on the far left and far right)

Minccino pen/pencil case

Minccino pokedoll stickers

Minccino bath powder (only the figure if not the powder along with it)

The silver minccino metal figure

The minccino C.C. Lemon magnet

The minccino charm for Christmas 2011

Oshawott dreamworld charm with minccino and oshawott playing

I'd like to get the sticker sheet to get the minccino :3

Minccino Promo card

The round minccino sticker

The minccino stamp

The two stamps on the left and right

The whole stamp collection of these, but the highest of priority are the VERY GOOD (よくできました!) and the minccino OK! stamps.

This charm and strap~

The third tape on the top right, with minccino on it

This tin I'm not sure what it is though ;A;

Minccino TOMY figurine

Minccino TOMY Plush

Minccino towel

Minccino and friends washcloth

Minccino/Whimsicott dice bag

Minccino zipper pull

Minccino zukan line

both I love Pikachu pillows

I love pikachu banpresto keychain

I love pikachu large plush

DX I Love Pikachu plush HIGH PRIORITY

I love pikachu plushes (both)

Large 1:1 Dittochu HIGH PRIORITY

Rainbow friends Dittochu PlushAnd finally....MY GRAILS!

This Lugia plush from what I know, is a very rare find, but I might be wrong D; If I am, please don't hesitate to correct me. I just remember years when this was a new product, my sister and I set our goal to getting him, and we never did, and PC shut down their online sales. So now that I'm in a place I might come across one, here goes to my second try! This lapras, I also remember seeing alongside that Lugia plush, but I had seen no posts in my recent future of it ever since then, and I finally have to confirm my memory. Now it too is on my Grail list, when it comes to my grails I guess I go big or go home. 'o'

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