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Arizona Members: Meet Up???

Hey Guys!

This post is pointing toward Arizona members mainly(although of course anyone is welcome to read it :D)

i just found out about this website about the upcoming limited release of the newest pokemon movie:

as of right now, it is only being shown in i think 3 places in Arizona. i think more will be added.

I WANT TO SEE IT IN THEATERS!! but, not alone. i don't think my mom and brother would sit through anyone interested in making this a meet up to see the movie and hang out? :)

i missed the meet up that was held last July(2010) and i am not sure if any have been held since. i know the one in July was held at Arizona Mills Mall(which would work great for me!). i hope the movie is going to be shown there.

this post is just to put the idea out there and see what interest there is. we can plan more if people are interested:)

let me know!

going to bed. night guys!


i am so glad so many people are interested in meeting up! :D

i have made a google doc listing everyone who is interested/plans on going. please fill out your Location(for carpooling and if we don't do the movie, we can plan a place that is some what central for everyone), your preferred date to meet up and see the movie(Saturday 12/3 or Sunday 12/4), Time preferred for meet up/movie time, and Theater preferred.

lets start with the doc and go from there:)


UPDATED INFO (2) AS OF 11/04/11:

OK. from the spreadsheet it looks like most of us can make the meet:) lets AT THIS TIME(11/4) make the meet for 11 am(this is a rough time right now. we don't know show times for the movie yet) on SATURDAY DEC. 3rd at the Scottsdale Pavillion 11 (9090 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250). we will figure out where to meet a bit later.

*i picked Scottsdale Pavillion because the other theater is a "order food while you watch the movie" theater. it actually doesn't open till 11/11! it will have 100 food choices! :o this sounds great, but you know the cost of the ticket will be more.

*i picked 11 am as a rough start time because it is a bit after the 10 am and onwards everyone said and it gives people time to get out there.

*i picked Saturday 12/3 because i figured everyone has work and/or school on Monday and we don't want that in the back of our heads while we are having fun! :)

How does this sound?

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