Don't press Alt & F4! (johtofire) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't press Alt & F4!

I need your help!

Hey guys,
I'm currently working on a design for a pair of fully covered (yes, I must be mad) Pokedoll headphones (will be for auction later ;) ) but I noticed that there is quite a lack in any kind of definitive site or database for pokedoll designs!

So I decided to make one. Again, I must have gone crazy.

But I need your help! You guys are the ones with the pokedolls, after all. I need good quality images of as many pokedoll art as you can throw at me!
By this, I mean the actual official pokedoll image, not like custom work or anything. (so pokedoll tags, stickers, mousepads, hankerchieves, anything)

It's on ~
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