PakajunaTufty (pakajunatufty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bring me your furrets! =]

So, recently, we had a new little girl join the family. Her name is Trixie-Doll and she is ferret #6! =] (I know, I'm crazy! But my PJ is 7 years old so sadly I might be down to 5 again soon. T.T) In celebration of the newest addition to my little/big business (If you don't know, a group of ferrets is called a business.) I have decided to officially start a Furret collection!  Let get real ok, weasels are my favorite animals of all time, and I HAVE had and WILL have ferrets my whole life. When I saw little Trixie there saying "take me home!" I just couldn't resist. So why deny it any longer, I MUST have a Furret collection!

So! Bring me your Furret items! I really have NO Furret stuff yet.

Also! I was wondering if anyone was selling this Pikachu Pokemon Time sticker?

Don't forget! I'm also an electric Pokemon lover! (So you can offer up electric items too!)

Thanks! =]
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