RUNAWAY PRINCESS. (xreni) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a few things...

Hi, I'll make this short and simple~

I'm looking for a few PKMN items [Not just plush for once!] I'm trying to look for them cheap and mostly from sellers in America, but if you have the items I want, feel free to drop me some info! Doesn't hurt to try, right?

I'm looking for some Pokemon Posters, no wallscrolls or anything silky. Please no Ash/Satoshi. My two favorite regions are Sinnoh and Unova, though I do have a softside for Hoenn. So anything related to those three regions would be nice!

I'm looking for some Pokedolls as well! Once again, I would prefer the sellers to be from America. Canada and UK are secondary and will be considered. I'll prefer them new, but if you have something that's not mint and has at least tush tag, I'll be okay with.

Pokedolls I'm looking for:
Bisharp - I would rather have a new one with this.

I'm also looking for Happy and Relaxed Piplup to complete my collection. New or with at least tush tag would be nice. :]

Oops! I should also add in... I am also looking for a shiny PRINPLUP DX Banpresto plush to complete my collection, LOL.
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