mewtwohavoka (mewtwohavoka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

could somebody help me ID these figures?

Hi everyone. :)
Earlier today I was digging through some storage boxes in my basement, when I came across a handful of curious Pokemon figures.

I have naught but the scarcest of information on them, so I'm hoping you wise and knowledgeable fellow collectors can help out. :)

First up are these two, shown with a Mudkip kid for size reference (ignore the Mewtwo feet in the background XD):

Their bottoms:

They're squishy and on their backsides (I couldn't get a clear enough picture worth uploading) it says BP 1999, so I think they may be Banprestos? Possibly? (I really have NO idea! XD)

Then there's the second lot of squishy figures. I took some close-ups of the Mew, since the others had their bottoms cut open (I used to bathe with them when I was a little kid and my mom didn't want them to get moldy inside - needless to say, these will never see the light of a sales post XD).

The brand name is listed as "J. Franco & Sons, inc." I've never seen another Pokemon product made by them, but I clearly remember buying these at a Toys R Us in the US when I was little. I'm pretty sure they were only made for first gen, plus Togepi (which I have, somewhere...haha). I'm assuming they can't be all that rare, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the Slowpoke one in slowpuff's collection. But more info on them would definitely be nice, especially considering this Bulbasaur and Pikachu were my very first Pokemon figures.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

Tags: bulbasaur, dragonite, drowzee, mew, pikachu, seadra, slowpoke, squirtle
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