Mako (oi_m) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small sales!

Today I bring you a small sales of some Pokedolls and pressed coins C:
My room has limited space, so I'm finding a new home for them :(

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 25/09/2011
Please read the following information before buying. Thank you :D

- I ship from Hong Kong and I ship worldwide. Shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks or more.
- You can choose to add an extra of $2 for a registered mail,  which tracking will be included.
- Prices are in USD. I accept paypal only.
- Buyers are responsible for shipping and paypal fees.
- Items can be hold for 24 hours after I give you a quote.

Shipping can be combined with any items in my permanent sales post.

Reshiram Pokedoll (MWT) - $50 (hold)
(Reshiram Pokedoll is quite large, so the shipping is a bit costly. It costs around $6, and even higher if you would like it to be shipped inside a box. Shipping can be reduced if you are living in Asian countries. ) 

Vanillite Pokedoll (MWT) - $24 (hold)

Celebi Pokedoll (MWT, hang tag is a bit old) - $18

Pokemon center pressed coins
Sleeping Pikachu, Scraggy , Axew, Emolga, Victini, Audino - $8
Zekrom - $5

Purrloin and Liepard Bag - $4

Thanks for reading! <3

Tags: celebi, liepard, purrloin, reshiram, sales, vanillite
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