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Collection weeding sales!

Howdy Folks! I'm running out of room here with all of my TCG and all of my new plush (Including my super awesome Timburr pokedoll I got from _____!)

So To make room I'm getting rid of a lot of the kids i have and some new stuff that i thought i would have room for but dont :O
Its mostly Kids and a couple of Rotom Items, so if you're a rotom collector you should definitely take a look!
So here it goes!

~Paypal Only! I will not take cash, COD, or e-checks 
~Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated
~If you're interested in an item, then ask for a quote first 
~I am open to haggling and trades, especially if you buy a lot of stuff. 
~Holds for only up to 24 hours. If you dont respond, it will go back up the next day 
~Please allow for up to ONE WEEK for me to ship items out. I'll usually ship things on Friday 
~Shipping STARTS at $2.50 and goes up as needed $1.50 for Flats and teeny Tiny items 
~I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR ITEM IS LOST OR DAMAGED IN THE MAIL. I will make sure to send the package as securely as possible, but we are all at the mercy of USPS. If you'd like your package shipped a certain way then let me know and i'll see what I can do

My Wants Can Be found here!


$4 Each for Sableye and Samurott
$6 Each for Regular and Fan Rotom

$3 Each
Sold: Flygon, Gyarados

$2 Each
Sold: Totodile

$1 Each (These are kind of scruffed or have paint marks)
Sold: Zangoose

***Other Figures***

TFG $6 Charizard, all others are $5

Silver Rotom Chou Get
$7.50 Each or $18 for the set

MIP Snorunt and Glalie Dex Figures
$3 Each

\\\\\Pokemon Tins/////

I also have Samurott and Emboar, but they're at my friends house so I couldnt take a pic. Will probably upload them Later Today
$4 Shipped US, $6 Shipped Non-US

And as always, there's my permanent sales post!

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