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A collection completed! (aka, let's talk movie goods!)

Hi guys!

I received a Noppin box today with one very special auction's items in it!

It may not look like much, but here it is!

Dialga Movie Theater Goods Sticker Box

This box is about 2" square, meant to hold stickers (which it doesn't contain), and is new in package. Kind of cute, but other than that, why is it special?

The reason I was so excited to find (and get) this item is because it was the last Dialga Movie Theater Goods item I'd been after since 2009. Here is the picture of it that was on my wants list, maybe you remember seeing it?

Pokemon 10th Movie Sticker Boxes

(The lot I won also included Lickilicky, Pikachu, Chimchar, Palkia, and some others from older sets. If you're after of those, let me know!)

I first learned about the existence of these from a scan given to me by moguryuu, a Darkrai collector and hence my 10th Movie collector comrade. The page is huge, so I've resized it here - click to see the full closeup version.

Pokemon Movie 10 Theater Goods

Along with the scan, she also told me that some of those goods were sold only in the theater (they usually have a setup in the lobby to sell goods related to hyped movies, not just Pokemon), some sold in other stores like the Pokemon Center, and some were mail-order only (which made them especially rare later). I thought that the sticker boxes might be mail-order since I've never seen the Dialga pop up in any lots or single listings until this one, but they have price labels on them still that I recognize as the same style the movie theaters use. So, now I think they were only sold there!

Many of the theater exclusive items are marked as such (劇場限定), though I've seen a lot of those items also sold at the Pokemon Center, so it's not a sure way to tell...

Now that I have this last item, I gathered together all of the 10th movie Dialga items for a photo. (I haven't bothered trying to get all of the things with Dialga on them at all, as I limit my collecting to just solo Dialga things.) Here they are!

Dialga Movie 10 Theater Goods Items

Now of course, this isn't everything that Dialga got for Movie 10, not by a long shot - there are more plush, figures, stickers, and tons of random things. These are just the select items that were part of this set of goods.

To go through the list:
Clear Card (from a set of 3)
Mechanical Pencil (the red one)
Ball-point Pen (the blue one)
Metal Keychain (came with Darkrai and Pikachu)
Chara Metal Collection (the enameled charm - comes in regular and gold secret rare)
Mascot Strap with Screen Cleaner
Round Plush Keychain (finally have one new with tag!)
Tomy MC Clear
Mini Seal Box (the newcomer)
DS Stylus Pen
Battle Action Figure (lights up! He's totally different from the American light up figure.)

If you'd like more details about any of them, just let me know! ^_^

I wanted to get together all the Movie 11 and 12 goods too (I think I should have them all, since I was there and going nuts on Dialga toys for both movies?), but Dialga actually does not have a single solo item on the Movie 11 product page! It's mostly Giratina and Shaymin, which makes sense given the movie, with Dialga in group shots here and there.

For movie 12, I didn't have access to the goods page when I took the photos, but it was mostly focused on Arceus and Gizamimi Pichu anyway. Since then, ambertdd sent me a scan of the page, and I do have all of those too!

Pokemon Movie 12 Theater Goods

So looking over that, we've got a Character Keychain (reissued from a previous year), a different Metal Keychain, the alternate pose Tomy MC clear, the Sofubi (DX Tomy) figure, the smallest of the 3 similar looking (but not identical) Tomy plush, and another Chara Medal Collection (charm). It's not visible there, but the TCG pack also has a Dialga card in it (Sheena's Dialga). Yay, I didn't miss anything!

To pay it forward a little bit, I've scanned the page from the only movie goods pamphlet I have, this year's Reshiram/Zekrom/Victini book. Here it is!

Pokemon Movie 14 Theater Goods

My scanner is not very good, but I think you can make out what's there anyway! I was kind of disappointed with the selection this year, especially with the Metal Keychains being only one set instead of two like usual, and no items like the Lunar Wing or Jewel of Life. I'm hoping they step it up next year!

Edit: Here are some scans for movies 3, 4, 6, and 11, thanks to sui_kun!

Pokemon Movie 3 Theater Goods

Pokemon Movie 4 Theater Goods

Pokemon Movie 6 Theater Goods

Pokemon Movie 11 Theater Goods

And a link to a photo of the movie 2 goods page!

If you have any other of the movie brochures and would like to share the information, please post your scan here and I'll add it to the post! ^_^ Let's enjoy movie goods together~

In other news, I have been working on updating Dialga FTW, but I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to do more than little additions here and there. I did update my wanted list though, can't have it showing that I still need this box!
Dialga Wanted List
In case you haven't seen it, the main site is here. If you've already checked it recently, it hasn't had an update since then...but as I said, I am working on it! Feel free to add my site Twitter, dialgaftw, if you want to see updates before they hit the site. ^_^

Thanks for looking!
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