DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

1 Day Kid GA/Update on Tomy GA I held

Hey guys! Time for another GA!

I'm not exactly sure when it's ending but it says 1 Day + 19:00:00 so...yea one day it is. (I'm just cohosting, it will be fixed when I am informed as to when it's actually ending). Sales permission granted:  8/4/11 by denkimouse. I will be doing the threads and spreadsheet, xxiiijamesiiixx will be doing the bidding and shipping
  1. All community rules apply. Thus, it means no sniping/ retracting bid is allowed. Most
    importantly, show your respect to the other members.
  2. There will be 3 payments. One for the winning price. Second for the shipping from SMJ to xxiiijamesiiixx. Third for shipping from him to you! Prepare to pay your part as soon as I notify you.
  3. xxiiijamesiiixx will be claiming the Zoroark Tomy and Fraxure in the bottom picture for 9$ amount will be updated when I know) And I'm claiming the latias and latios kids and the Salamence kid for 6$
  4. Every piece will have a starting price for $1. Minimum increment is $1.
  5. EDITED: The ending time is 11:59pm Saturday November 5th EST
You may bid as soon as you see your thread! I will Announce when all threads are up
Forgot a question and comments thread, it will be posted at the end. All Threads are up! Bid Away Quickly!!

On another note, might as well combine the post. For those who participated in my tomy GA the seller has shipped the package and was kind enough to include tracking :D The package was received at their post office yesterday meaning the package will arrive at my house either tomorrow or Monday!

Tags: figures, group auction, kids
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