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Starter Cake Charms Auction!

Hello community, today I have an auction for a product I haven't talked much about: Pokemon cake charms!
They are made from Sculpey and look good enough to eat! I tried selling a few in a sales post awhile back, but I daresay these are better, so I thought an auction would be best =]

Today I am auctioning the Unova starters, as well as a custom slot
Here's the lowdown:
♪ They are made from Sculpey and include a cell phone strap if desired (I wouldn't advise using it as one, though, since small parts could chip off)
♪ The starter charms are glazed with clear nail polish (don't worry, it doesn't stink!). I've since gotten glaze, though, so the custom slot WILL be glazed with something else
♪ These are small, probably about an inch wide and an inch tall (DON'T quote me on that XD)
♪ I ship from Michigan, United States. Winner is responsible for all shipping costs
♪ There are some Pokemon I probably can't do, but I will try my best!
♪ Granted sales permission by lineaalba on 7/7/10

Auction ends Monday, November 7th at 8:00PM EST. A nifty countdown timer can be found here

All slots start at $3

Snivy with peppermint leaf!

Tepig with Strawberry! (Yes, some of Snivy bled onto the poor pig D=)

Oshawott with candy stick thing!

Tags: auction, custom, oshawott, snivy, tepig
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