Nestor (Nestor Gil) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nestor Gil

Collection update :)

Hello everyone, i just wanted to update you on my collection so far, got some new guys that i'd like to show off :) i got more on the way so when those come in i'll do another update but for now these are my new guys :)

Palkia, kyogre and rayquaza!! Rayquaza came in the mail today! it was a present from my gf :D

next is my larvitar! he came with kyogre and palkia! and i thought it would be funny to dress him up, give him more of a BA look lol :P

and lastly i got a present from the guy who shipped me raquaza since i have been buying lots from him, nothing to big but i thought it was cute :)

and here are just some more pictures of my room with the new guys :D

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