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Return To LJ, Re-Intro!

Hello Pkmncollectors! It has been over a year since I've been on LJ. I've been very busy with college, getting ready to turn in documents for medical school, life, etc. It's nice to finally have some time off from classes. Now that I have more time I can work on updating my collection, work on new projects, etc.
I love to collect Pokemon plush and production artwork. Currently the collection is made up of different Pokemon. I used to focus on collecting certain Pokemon and I'm not sure if I'll do that again. There are too many gen 5 Pokemon I like! The top of that list would be Mandibuzz, Terrakion, Elgyem, and the list goes on.
Over the past few months I had to sell some of the plush and figure collection due to vet bills and other costs. Might sell more soon to help raise some money for the new gen 5 merch. >_>
I do have some questions about movie 14 (Victini and the Black/White Hero) merch.

1. Has there been any sightings of settei or production artwork from this movie?

2. This might be a long shot but were there any official necklaces produced from this design?

If not I'll just get some beads and make my own.

I'm happy to be back and hope to have a great time here again. Thank you! ^__^
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