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Card Sales Noble Victories

Greetings everyone! As most of us already know, there is a new set coming out for the Pokemon TCG called Noble Victories, but I happened to obtain plenty of this set before it was released via kindness of people at the pre-releases.  SO I've decided to sell some of the cards from the set early for all you hard core collectors and TCG players out there.  I've also included some cards from previous sets.  Take a look and see if there is anything you want! I also have a TON of other cards from both the new set and older ones, so if you're looking for something specific that I don't have listed, please feel free to ask. 

If you are looking to buy specific cards from Noble Victories or other tournament legal sets that aren't listed here, please ask if I have them for sale. I have over 75 packs worth of cards from Noble Victories alone, so most of the commons, uncommons, and less desired rares are not listed here, but I'd be more than willing to part with many of them. ALSO if you want reverse holo's of something, please mention that. I have a binder specifically for tournament legal reverse holos, and the one you want might be in there!


Rules and Info:
- I only accept paypal payments.
- I DO ship internationally (I live in the US)
- No trades at this time.
- All cards are either mint or near mint, but feel free to ask for individual conditions.
- No returns/refunds unless something was done wrong on my part.
- All normal rares are holo unless otherwise noted. (RH = Reverse holo NH = non-holo)

Full Art N - SOLD
Full Art Victini - $24

Full Art Thundurus - $6.50
Thundurus (RH)- $4
Tornadus - $4
Tornadus (RH)- $6
Landorus - $10
Landorus (RH)- $14

Shiny Raikou - $2
Shiny Suicune - $2
Shiny Entei - $2
Latias [HGSS10] -$1.50
Shiny Ho-oh [SL5]- $6
Groudon [6/95](NH) - $0.75
Palkia [19/95](RH) - $0.75
Kyoger [12/95]- $0.75

Ho-oh (Top) - $6
Ho-oh (Bottom) - $6
Buy both Ho-oh halfs together for $11
Palkia and Dialga (Top) - $4
Entei and Suicune (Bottom) - $6
Lugia (Bottom) - $7

Terrakion [63/98]- $1.50
cobalion [84/101]- SOLD
cobalion [77/98]- $2

Meowth [102/101]- $15
Gothitelle [47/98]- $6
Virizion [13/101]- $9
Virizion [17/98]- $1.50

Victini (Pre-release promo) [43/101] - $10
Axew - $0.25
Fraxure - $0.50
Haxorus [88/101]- $8.50
Pawniard - $0.25
Bisharp [82/101]- $7
Umbreon Prime - $4.50
Umbreon [10/90]- $2
Drapion [4/102]- $2

Xtransceiver [96/101] - $3
Xtransceiver [96/101] (RH)- $5
Super Rod [95/101] (RH)- $ 5
N [92/101] - $5
N [92/101] (RH)- $10
Plume Fossil [93/101] - $1
Plume Fossil [93/101] (RH)- $1.50
Cover Fossil [90/101] - $0.50
Cover Fossil [90/101] (RH)- $0.75
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