Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales and my manta rays collection!

Hey there people!

I have found some stuff that I just do not have the space for, even though they are tiny things, such as Gashapon charms, magnets, magazine and some other stuff, so I am putting some items up for sale:


I think that people would appreciate some of the items I own much more more than me XD

So here is my manta rays collection so far! <3

Click the picture for specific items! <3
This is everything (except for my Toy Factory Mantyke, who is on my bed all the time) excluding flats, because I have too many of them! XD
I have my Mantyke/Mantine collection combined with my Riolus, as I do not have that much space atm. I have not as much as my Snivies, but well, these guys do not have that much merch unfortunately..

Thank you guys for looking! <3
Tags: mantine, mantyke, riolu, sales
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