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My first auction

Hey guys!

I wanted to try to sell the rest of my stuff in one go, so I put up my first Giant Lot on Ebay~ (I hope I did it correctly @-@ I'd be open to feedback if anyone has some!)

Click here to go to it!

Since the ebay pictures only go so big...

(The Apple one is Treecko-themed!)

(The figures and pieces are not included though!)

All the details about the items are in the Ebay listing. n-n

I also have a question~

Over a year ago, I bought a pair of Pikachu earrings from someone here. They were clip-on earrings and the charms were just of Pikachu's head making a ":D" face hahah~ I loved them a ton, but I had the misfortune of losing one of them recently... I was wondering, does anyone possibly have a pair for sale/know what they are officially called/know where I could find them? I am not sure how obscure they are but if anyone was any information I would be beyond grateful. ;-; ♥

Thanks for looking!
Tags: auction
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