Cristina (cristinahazard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible future sale...

Hi everyone. Terribly sorry for my absence on the comm... my life hasnt been all that great for the past few months and I have been dealing with a slew of emotional problems, + the stress of college, it's just been all around bad times for me. Money is also very tight for me since I am paying off my car, so pokemon collecting has been on the back burner for sure.

It's killing me to even think about this, but money is so bad that I may be looking to downsize my collection. At the moment, the only item I'm considering parting with is my MWT Jolteon Canvas Plush, mainly because I'm giving up hope of ever getting the Umbreon and Eevee to complete my collection goal, and it was really a side collection anyways. 

My question is, how much is this guy going for? Is there still a demand for the canvas vees (I'm so out of the loop with everything, sorry)? I'm still not certain that I'll be selling him, but if the price is hard to pass up, I may have to :( Christmas is coming up and I have no idea how I'm affording gifts for anyone. 
Tags: jolteon
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