Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I have returned!

Hey, guys! How is everyone? I haven't been on the community much, since things have gotten pretty hectic between school, writing, and my loss of internet at home! I will be putting up a collection update very soon, within the next few days perhaps, including my growing Reshiram collection (including the new Bottlecap Reshi!) and a few new Jakks I've acquired.

Also, has anyone else had trouble finding the new Jakks figures/plush? I've had a little more luck with plush and card boxes, but not so much figures, which I have been stalking the most of course. XD

Anyway, back to my main point of posting- I'm back, and I hope to be on here a bit more now! I've missed this community and Pokemon!
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