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Riolu/Lucario Zukan Woes

inu_no_kokoro, when you get the Lucario zukan could you please see if Lucario's peg fits correctly? I may have given you the wrong set of pegs by mistake. .__. (Reason being that there were slightly different poses for the two Lucarios and Riolus and I mixed-and-matched the ones I wanted, thinking that the pegs were interchangeable, though I'm sure that Riolu's is.) If that's the case, I'll pay for shipping both ways if you could please send the Lucario peg I sent you.

I can only assume that the Lucario I kept isn't supposed to be propped up like THIS:

Could any other Riolu/Lucario zukan owners confirm/deny? (This one's peg hole is on its stomach area, if it's of any help.)
Tags: lucario, riolu, zukan
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