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Smallish Sales and Auctions from Japan!!

Sup everybody! So being in Japan has unfortunately put quite a big hole in my pocket XP therefore I will be selling and auctioning off some of
the great finds Ive collected over here!

I only accept Paypal.
All prices are in USD.
I ship from Japan.
  Holds are available upon request but for no longer than 24 hours.
Shipping varies so please ask before committing to buy.
 Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle).
 Not open for trades atm unless its something of high priority from my Wants List:
Once and item has left my hands (as in shipped) I am no longer responsible for it. All sales are final.
All feedback can be left here:

Auction will end Sunday November 13th at 10 PM Japan time. (Will add a coundown clock soon!) Community rules apply, no snipping!


Happy Birthday Jumbo Card from the Pokemon Center Tokyo. Space at the top is for your name. (Small card is for size reference)
Starts at $20

HUGE UFO Totodile Plush. Card for size reference. Minky. This guy will need a box so shipping will be expensive!
Starts at $30, BIN for $85
(More pics available upon request) />

(Note: Tags are the same on both Chikorita and Totodile)

HUGE UFO Chikorita Plush. Card for size reference. Minky. 
(More pics available upon request)


Shiny Raikou Zukan $8
Hydregion MIP with insert $10
Clear Reshiram Charm (not pictured cause I forgot) $12

Pan Stickers!! (Had to eat a WHOLE lot of bread to get these XP There are some multiples)
All stickers $1 expcet Zekrom who is $3
Pokefan Magazine Promo Oshawott Battrio: Make an offer
Volcarona and Kyurem Battrios: $5 each
Pokefan Magazine Promo Clear Victini Kid: Make an offer

More stickers!
Again $1 each except Zekrom who is $3
Pokemon Center Birthday Ribbon Sticker: Make offer

Tomy Figure bases $1 each, will discount if bought in bulk. Available colors:
Red (8), Magenta (3), Yellow (5), Orange (5), Lime Green (2), Light Purple (4), Light Blue (5), Dark Blue (6)
Pokemon Center Logo Tape $.50 each or free with other purchases upon request. 8 Available.

Pokemon Center Bags. (Ipod video Classic for size reference)
Yamask/Cofagrigus (1 available) $2
Purrloin/Liepard (1) $2
Dark Gray Reshiram/Zekrom (2) $3
Audino Pikachu/Starters (18) $1 (Has a Pidove and Sandile print on inside)
Light Gray Reshiram Zekrom/Starters (8) $2

Some bags have wear from use others are brand new. They will be shipped randomly. Small Audino Pikachu/starters bags available for free with purchase of $25 or more upon request.

Jumbo Pikachu Bag: Make offer (Has some wear but no tears, Card for size reference)

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