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Self Intro

Hey fellow pokemon lovers!

Geez I've been following this community for awhile now and have only recently joined.  I dunno if i should have though because now I'm all getting back into pokemon and bought a few plushes too! lol  Too bad I just moved back from Japan though D:  I only went to the Pokemon center once too and I've lived there for 4 years!

I don't really have a lot of pokemon stuff, but I do like 1st and 2nd gen pokemons the most, only because I stopped watching after that.

My most prized possession would probably be winning these two guys at the UFO catchers.  I also have the Pichu one but just not in this pic.  Looking forward to pokemon collecting even though i spend too much money collecting other stuff D:  

** edit: I decided to put up a pick of all 3 **

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