spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Halp! Me I need advice

Hello collectors! Spideyroxas here making a post all the way fro
Singapore, now this question is mainly for Singaporean members here, I've asked before but I thought it would hurt to get more insight, now I'm staying in Aspen Heights with Family at their apartment, I believe Llang Court is the closest mall to me, but I may be mistaken, so I know there's basically only Gachapon machines on the 1st floor there for anime/basic Pokemerch. I also went to one of my favourite places China Town Plaza and picked a few things up, but again barley any Pokemon.
Is there anywhere that may have a few more things than a single figure, I believe Donny9? Lives in Singapore and picks up imported goods like MPCs, so is there anywhere to find anything Pokemon or even DBZ or One piece??
Thanks guys hopefully I spot one of you somewhere
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