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Re-Intro, Sales, Reminder & Want!

Hello pkmncollectors!

It's been a while since I've made a collection post here so I decided to do a re-intro with my main collections. I have accumulated a lot of merch since first joining in 2007 (and then rejoining in 2010), so much so a lot have not been pictured. I'm making this post as a focus on my main collections - Pokemon I actively set out to buy and collect :)

My main collections are:

First up is Jigglypuff. My first ever Pokemon merch was a slider pack with Jigglypuff in it. I bought it because I thought she was cute - I'd never heard of Pokemon before that point! How can you resist a cute pink balloon? The fun thing about collecting Jigglypuff is that 'new' merch comes out of the woodwork all the time, so being selective is necessary. Maybe one day I'll have everything Jigglypuff ever known, but right now I'm far from it!

My favourite game is Silver (and now Soul Silver) and my favourite starter is Chikorita. Whenever I play, I always pick her, even though I love all three starters from Johto. In 2007 when I first joined I started to collect her, and I still do now :) since she's a starter, who has been released twice, I'll be honest and say no way will I ever get a complete collection of her! But I get what I like best of her merch, or in GAs when stuff pops up cheap :)

In February 2010 my boyfriend and I started to play Pokemon again, on our gameboys and my N64. Playing Pokemon Snap I discovered how much my bf loved Slowpoke, and how much I loved Slowpoke haha. He's so derpy. It was my goal originally to get Slowpokes for the bf, but he's not a massive toy fan (pft, boys) so now it's my collection which he enjoys looking at when he's around lol. The Slowpoke line is very fun to collect as a lot of his merch is rather rare/uncommon and the competition for his stuff can sometimes be fierce. It kicks that 'must get' drive into me and for a long time I didn't rest until I found and obtained a lot of Slow's merch.

Last year, with vouchers for GAME and trade ins I got my hands on PokeaPark Wii. I'm always playing it! After seeing Bidoof I couldn't get over the derpy cute (I joke that Bidoof and Slowpoke should be a couple /weirdo) and decided to collect her and Bibarel. It's not as easy as it sounds, as their merch is not plentiful and I'm always late on getting the stuff I don't have. Getting the Pokedoll was hard, but thanks to ewokie, who is awesome and has helped me obtain quite a few of my favourite plush, I got my hands on the Pokedoll! I'm desperately seeking the electronic Bidoof to complete my plush collection, so let me know if you have one for sale (I'm avoiding the booties on eBay!).

Earlier this year I found myself wanting to collect Phanpy. I'm not exactly sure why, but I decided to grab Phanpy merch whenever it cropped up. The one item and set out to get however was the DX Pokedoll, which the awesome larvitarscar helped me obtain off Y!J :D it's so cuddly and a definite player for my overall favourite merch.

When B/W pokemon were first revealed I'll admit I wasn't too excited. With my other collections from previous gens I was happy to just play the game and pick up the occasional Miju (my fave starter of the gen) merch. But then new stuff came out and I couldn't resist Purrloin and Blitzle, who I wanted to cuddle as well as battle with in my game. I've fallen behind on my collection of them in the past few months due to money issues, but I'm trying to catch up!

I've not updated or posted about my sale in a while, so today I dedicated a couple hours of taking new pics, adding new items and editing prices. So my sales are definitely worth a look as they're rather different from what they were a few months ago :)


The other day I set up a GB of the xmas charms set with Blitzle in it. We have just one charm left that needs a claim - Pansage! I know that cute green monkey is loved here, so someone must want him right? Please click on the pic below to be transported to the post to claim him!

Finally, tomorrow is my birthday (I'll be 22 woo!) so I wanna see if I can make my birthday perfect by obtaining this big want. And I mean big, in every sense of the word! As everyone here must know by now, Pokemon Time released a mahoosive Wailord pillow plush.

Unfortunately, as I was umming and ahhing over getting one from Gin, I missed out on getting on the list. I cannot afford the big prices on hardrock or eBay T_T I was wondering if anyone who can access a Pokemon Center with Wailord in stock could maybe, possibly pick one up for me? If anyone can, please drop me a comment or PM and state your price (I'm able to pay up to $100 with shipping, but can go a bit over if necessary). Also, sorry if this request is not allowed :O I have tried to find it off the community but I can't afford the ones I've found T_T
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