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re-intro post :)

Hello! It's been quite some time since I've posted about my collection and because I've done alot of weeding recently I figured I'd do a re-intro post. I joined the community in March of 2010. I'm just coming back from a several month long hiatus, and it's so nice to see everyone's pokemon collections again. My favorite pokemon are Chikorita, Blitzle, Oshawott, Eevee and her evolutions, and Lilligant. I've also really fallen for many of the trainers in gen5, specifically N, Touko/Hilda and Cilan. I've cut my collection down to my favorite items mainly because of space and money issues.

Here is the bulk of my collection. My Eeveelutions take up the majority of it. :)

My Chikorita PlushPlush, Shiny Entei Pokedoll and Shiny Raikou Pokedoll. These guys are my favorite plush that I own. :)

The beautiful Pokemon Time Chikorita Plush. :) 

I absolutely LOVE my custom trainer plush made by usakochan . She just does such a wonderful job with everything that she makes -- I'm so happy to have my little guys. The MPC plush are almost the perfect size to scale for them, too, and I think they look so great together. :) In the middle I have my favorite pokemon together - Chikorita pokedoll, Fukuoka Oshawott, Blitzle pokedoll and Eevee pokedoll. They look so cute together. And on the top shelf are my Hilda/Touko sprite items, trainer card sleeves, the Fukuoka Pansage plush, Fukuoka charms, custom Blitzle sculpture and Chikorita mug.

Eeveelution items! Charms, tins, Pokemon Time bags, Eevee Walky items and a card binder with Leafeon and Glaceon (hidden from view).

Espeon/Umbreon small tote bag, make-up zip pouch, and glasses. More Eevee walky items. :)

My Umbreon, Espeon and some Glaceon items. I absolutely love all the Eeveelution pokedolls and especially the canvas plush.

Leafeon and Glaceon items! Leafeon is my favorite of the Eeveelutions, though, I love all of them.

Flareon and some Vaporeon items. :) The little Flareon FCS on the blue base is my favorite of the Flareon figures. :)

Jolteon and Vaporeon items. Their canvas plush are just so pretty.

My Eevees. The 1/1 Eevee and the canvas are my favorites.

I neve expected to have a Pikachu collection, but I just couldn't help myself with these items. I really loved the Pikachu Rainbow promotion they did last summer, especially the Windowchu. I have the Rainbow mechanical pen and pencil sets, the clearfile set, charm set, memo pad set, Windowchu Plush, Dittochu Plush, Windowchu keychain, Windowchu washcloth and Windowchu plastic storage box. I also really like the Pikachu Pokemon Time items. I think he looks adorable. I have the memo pad, card wallet, zip pouch, two tins, pen, and charm.

I also have a Pikachu World Tumbler and little Pikachu camera zip case. :)

I also have these two wonderful plush. They are hands down the cuddliest, softest plush I have. Great little snuggle buddies. My sisters and I give them lots of love. :)

Some random bits to my collection. :) Vulpix was one of my favorite pokemon from when I was younger and her canvas is just so cute. Tabunne is just incredibly soft. I'm really looking forward to Lilligant's MPC plush that's coming out soon - definitely going to get it. Her kid is so pretty. Love my shiny Mudkip and Treecko kids (such wonderful colors).

Dreamworld Pillow! I cuddle with it every night. It's so soft and big. :) Also, here are my favorite bags and pouches. Espeon/Umbreon/Eevee Pokemon Time Tote, Gen5 Tote, Pokemon Cafe bag, Pokemon Cafe pencil case, and Walky Eevee clip pouch.

Monkeys. :) The Pokemon Cafe is such a cute promotion. I love this clock.

My random assortment of kids. :)

Holiday corner.   :)

After weeding, I still have a number of items I haven't put back on the shelf for various reasons. Here's everything else.

And speaking of weeding, I do have some more items I put on my sales post. I'm going to the post office tomorrow to mail the most recent sales out. Click the link to be transported:

I also just put up a final lot on eBay:

Thanks so much for looking! :)

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