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Looking for UK middleman

Well I was actually planning a re-intro/collection update post but that can hold off for now.  As one of my highest priority items, a graily grail of mine has shown up and in a place that requires me to inquire help from somebody on the community. Now this is coming right off the heels of me losing one (and to a snipping program) and for a second one to pop up so soon afterwards, kinda didn't expect that. But I guess that is how rare items work. You go months without seeing one and then in less then two weeks two pop up.

So yeah, its on UK ebay and unlike the last one, doesn't come with an international shipping option. So I'm looking for a UK member to help me out with bidding for this item. :3  I also don't mind paying commission fee's either for helping me out on this.

So as to add a bit of something a bit more to this post, here is a sneak peek at my next post:

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