Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Turtles <3

Whee! After waiting for two weeks, my DX Turtwig pokedoll finally arrives <3
<s>And it is much bigger than I expected too</s>
I didn't even know it is still in stock in Nintendo World at first until korth was doing a run and has this on the list!

My little turwig is so happy to see it too!

And I can't resist doing a picture like this xP

And lastly some Small plush sales. I will willing to haggle too if you think price is a bit high. Thanks!

Latias Pokedoll MWT (American velboa) - $25

Lugia pokedoll MWT (American minky) - $20

Takara Tomy Cubchoo plush MWT - $20

Takara Tomy Togekiss,  tush tag only - $12

As usual, feel free to combine with my regular sales HERE
(Rules are also found on the same page fyi ^^;)

Thanks C:
Tags: cubchoo, latias, lugia, sales, togekiss, turtwig
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