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Curious about some plush

Alright so yesterday I won a certain lot for the dragonite plush <3
However, I was a bit curious about these plush that were with it. I tried looking up on PPP, only to get things like
1997, banpresto, UFO.
>_> So Im going to go with that. Please feel free to look~

EDIT:  Here is a picture [info]schenzi Found for me! It has a close up of bulbasaurs tag!

 They look kind of cool I dont think I've seen that bulbasaur around or anything<3
Would love to hear any other added info about them. XD I think it's funny how dragonites antenna stand straight up. (They all have their tags too)

I also have been receiving a bunch of new stuff in the mail so look forward to a dragonite / everything else collection update!
Also, first time noppin user. ;o; omg those fees. XD end.

Tags: bulbasaur, dragonite, pikachu, psyduck
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