tufails (tufails) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Charmystar GA - Shipping and Leftovers

Hey guys! I'm sorry it's taken a while, things kept push push pushing my time back. However, shipping totals are up!
I also have a hearty store of leftovers... left over, and everything is under $4
The general GA shipping rules apply:
+ I will try and get these guys out ASAP, within a week of today's post, if they are paid. If you have done other GAs with me, you may know that my shipping's been taking a little longer. The reason is that where I currently am now, the post offices are few and far between, and the hours are even worse. US packages are no problem, but I can't fill out the paypal mailing forms for outside US countries.
+ Once I mail it, I am not responsible Unless you pay for tracking, confirmation, etc. That's all.
+ Look over the items, and if you want any, ask for a quote. I need to update the weight (if affected) as well as your total for paypal costs.
+THEN and only then send your payment to ThisUsernameFails@gmail.com with the subject as Your username - Charmystar GA Shipping. Super important.

The items here are

Talking pikachu works, I'm just not sure how well! he came to me with his cheeks glowing, but wouldn't say anything. I think he needs new batteries, but I have none at the moment!

The pokeballs are rummy card sets!
GONE: Talking psyduck (I forgot to X that one) psyduck candy grabber, styluses. glowy pika, one card deck

SOLD: Raichu yoyo on left, eevees, all pikas, munchlax, Kriketot, starly

SOLD: Mankey

SOLD: Lati@s

SOLD: Dewgong, snubbull, togepi, mightyenax2, sharpedo

SOLD: All pokemon cards
Tags: cards, figures, group auction, plush, sales
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