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First Sales Post! Lots of Goodies!

Welcome to my first sales post!


- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 6/4/11, feedback can be found
- Prices are in USD
I ship from USA via standard shipping
I will ship items within 1 week after receiving payment
- Shipping for non-flats starts at $3 .Tracking can be added at $2 extra.
I will provide free tracking for purchases over $50 (before shipping/ fees)
- I am not responsible once an item has been posted, proof of shipping is only available if tracking is added.
- I pack all items extremely carefully but if you have concerns about packing (i.e. if you want to box your items) let me know
- Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees
- Haggling is welcome within reason :)
Enjoy your new purchases!

Hasbro Venusaur-stil works! $6
Thinkchip Bulbasaur $3
Jolteon New York Pokemon Center Plush without hang tag but has tush tag -$30.00
Snivy Washington Pokemon Center Plush (unbagged) $14

Jakks Phanpy figure-$4
Jakks Silver Chikorita figure-$5

Jakks Luxio Figure (Mint)-$15
Jakks Quagsire Figure (Mint)-$10

Pokemon Yellow Manga-$5
Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Promo handbook (Tons of Kanto art and Fold out Kanto Poster (Mint)-$10

Pokemon Emerald Promo Tin with Frontier Battle Pass and Holo VIP Rayquaza Card-$10

Pokemon Stickers! Each .75 cents
Staravia, Buneary, Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, Pachirisu, Carvahna, Lucario, Pikachu, Aipom, Bonsly, Palkia, Dialga

Pokemon Stickers (flip from Pokemon to Pokeball)-$1.00 Monferno, Mime jr, Staravia, Pikachu, Happiny, Croagunk, Luxio, Glameow, Prinplup, Gible, Pachirisu

Pikachu Doorhanger-$1

Pokemon Card Holos- $5.00 each

Pokemon Card EX Holos-$5.00 each

Pokemon Card Promos-$5.00 each

Pokemon Card Rares-$1.00 each

Eeveelution Cards!
Rare Vaporeon-$2.00
Holo Vaporeon (Original Jungle)-$8.00
Rare Jolteon-$2.00
Holo Espeon-$7.00

Pokemon Center bags-$1.00 each
Pokemon Blach and White Art Folio Promo (Sealed and unopened)-$15.00
Pokemon Black and White Legendary Stylus, cloth and case kit (unopened)-$10.00

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