cwinget (cwinget) wrote in pkmncollectors,

question reguarding paypal

i hope this is on topic enough to post here... i hope one of you guys can help me.
is it technically against paypal acceptable use policy to use paypal for customs? in this case custom plush? have any of you plush makers run into any problem using paypal and getting payments up front before you make the plush? i'll put the rest of the details under a cut, so read on if you think you can help!
i got an email the other day telling me that paypal has decided to hold each payment i receive for 21 days to make sure i have money to cover for any disputes that might arise, and that i can get the money sooner if i can prove that i shipped the item. i'm unsure why this came up in the first place, since to my knowledge i've never had any disputes against me, and i have always completed my plush and sent them out when i said i would. so whatever the reason this happened in the first place is a mystery to me. i was going to call them and see if i could get it sorted out, but i'm not actually sure if what i'm doing (selling a slot for a custom plush and accepting some or all of the cost up front) is technically "acceptable use." mostly because of this here:
"relate to transactions that...(d) are for the sale of certain items before the seller has control or possession of the item"
i know that i personally have control of the item, because i fully intend to make it and send it to the buyer, but i'm not sure if that technically counts in paypal's head. so any suggestions on what i should do? has anyone else had this problem?
thank you so much for reading! and i'll definitely delete this post if it's too off topic :P
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