Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

thought ya'll might like this picture :D

these people still owe me money (if you dont know why, ask XD)

QUAIZR >:( come on, man, you said youd pay a week ago. im a bit tired of chasing you.

scarsofsunlight (pending MO)


also, i want to put a note about the sunyshore s/h fee.

i've gotten a few questions over the months, usually "how come my shipping was 3-5$ less than what you charged me?". this is usually coupled with an accusation, such as "how could you do this to me?" or "i just cant understand why you'd do this."

okay guys, a tip for life - ask, then accuse. don't accuse while asking. i have a bunch of people who've accused me of this or that before asking me to clarify on the naughty list in my mind. i am NOT and NEVER have delibrately been ripping people off on shipping.

EVERY item in sunyshore has weight entered, and my system generates the shipping based on weight, so its never wrong! sunyshore shipping/handling fee includes: paypal fees, packaging fees, and "sunyshore fee", usually this is around a dollar.

whats that for? it's because no matter how carefully i calculated i was losing money on shipping. i'd have 200$ for shipping from everyone and pay 250$. why? i couldnt figure it out, so i added the "sunyshore fee", and since then shipping has been just about right.

i have since learned its probably due to all the money i am charged just to bring dollars over to yen and into japan. i never noticed the extra cash the japanese banks were taking anytime i made a withdrawl. the more i took out, the more they took.

also, keep in mind sunyshore's shipping rates have NOT CHANGED, but the dollar to yen rate has. i'm losing around 18$ per 100$ more than i was even a few months ago!! that means prices on anything from japan have gone up. i really should charge even MORE due to this rate change, but i dont!

please ALSO realize that MOST of sunyshore's merchandise is from the pokemon center. i have to travel for 1.5-2 hours to get to the pokemon center. by train. it is NOT close, and i go once a week, or like this week, twice a week to get more giratina dolls. i have to pay a lot of money just to go round trip, and i usually stay just long enough to get items for sunyshore! i shop for collectors, trying to grab stuff i know people on the comm will like, and it is NOT cheap - people seem to have an idea that stuff is so much cheaper in japan - its not. why don't you check a list of "most expensive countries in the world"?

yes, pokemon center is fun - but i wouldnt go as much as i do if it was not for my job. with sunyshore. sunyshore is NOT A COMMUNITY SALES POST full of leftovers from SMJ boxes! sunyshore is a REAL ONLINE STORE and i have tons of non-community customers who order items as well! i am sending out 30-60 packages a WEEK, on top of school. i have to fill out a customs form for EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE. i go through envelopes, tapes, boxes and markers like potato chips.

so there - that is why your s/h fee was 3-5$ more than your shipping cost. please don't send me emails again unless the extra goes over 6$, in which case i might have made an error entering the weight of the item. if you don't like the fee - don't buy from me, or any major seller from japan, because let me tell you - we all do it, we have no choice.

i don't mean to sound butthurt - but i am, a bit. i really appreciate all the buisness you guys give me, and i DO love my job, so thanks to everyone who supports me :D
Tags: giratina, sunyshore
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