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My First Collection Post C:

Heyo it's me Bellamy the Zorua filling in for zorualullaby with her Pokemon collection update (wait is it even an update because this is my first post for my collection). Anyway here's all my stuff. Follow me to the collection!

Follow Bellamy

Here we are at the plush area. There seems to be a lot of Pikas compared to me  >:U Can you see me? I'm on a big Pika  pillow. 

Now we have arrived at the figure section.  Sorry for the terrible display. We don't quite know where to put things yet :)

We are now at the other section. These are some other Pokemon items such as games and cards.  

This concludes the tour. Come back next update *waves*. :3

Sorry that my collection isn't that big but I have some packages on the way and some at my boyfriend's house.
I will hopefully have a wants list up and I'm still on the search of my grail the Zorua talking plush.  

P.S sorry for the cheesy intro I thought it would be cute :3

Thank you all for reading :)
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