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Cousin's Collection

So my girlfriend and I were house-sitting for my aunt, so we took a look at all of my cousin's toys. He's got a whole bunch of stuff, I don't know even know where they came from. There are some jakks, tomy, and kids, and more. Have fun with all the pictures :D

Jakks and Hasbro's with a few random ones mixed in

Another angle

Tomy's, Chou's, palace and clipping figures

Pretty sure the tin coins are bootys, but neat nonetheless.

BK toys and a tissue holder.

A herd of Pikachu!

Another Pika and a Shaymin model.


Eevee clock and keychain figures

Eevee clock and keychain figures

Another Pika and a Shaymin model.



This is hanging from the ceiling fan pull

Togepi up close

And Psyduck and Horsea

..And Prinplup!

A big sticker sheet

Bottlecap figure collection

Action shot!

Action shot 2!

An angrychu

And now for some fun shots. :)

Sad Jesse contemplates.

Cubone in his mothers hand..oooohh!

Mr. Mewtwo

A battle!

A 4-way battle!

Ambipom vs Heatran

Numel used Water Spout!

He doesn't appreciate big nose comments

I also have a question for y'all. How much would you say the Jakks Entei, Suicune, and Raikou figures go for? Just wonderin.

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