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love is in the air?

A simple and somewhat short photostory for you all today because I got something special in the mail~!♥

Love is in the air?

Shakespeare is still busy at work with his NaNoNovel. (See this photostory if you haven't yet!)

ISN'T SHE PRETTY. That's not even a question because there is no answer other than YES. :B (Ignore hand reflection in the TV, bah.)

Shakespeare made a funny. e_e

Is it love at first sight for Nori and Mara?! Why yes, I think so.

I took the last picture like that because the moon was in the sky and I thought it was pretty but my camera was all, pffflawlnomoonforyou. BUT IT'S STILL CUTE.

Isn't Mara darling? ;A; I'm so happy! She has her leaf and her string, and she's a lot less loved than Nori so her material is still really soft. I think you can see that in the pictures a little. She's a lot smoother than Nori. I love petting her head. ;w; Nori's my baby of course, but I wanted a second UFO with a leaf for completion's sake -- and really, can you ever have too many 'toeds? NEVAR. Now all I need to find is a hang tag. I named her Mara after my main character's little sister in my current NaNoNovel. XD

Here are some other small gets I received in October:

A Bonsly throw plush, Jigglypuff clip plush, Bonsly pencils, Politoed sticker, and Brock and Happiny pan sticker.

Bonsly is just Bonsly, and the Politoed sticker was a very sweet gift from hebilea that made me so happy. >w< I wanted the Brock and Happiny sticker 'cause of an inside joke. Those two kill me. And then I wanted the Jigglypuff clip plush because it's so cute and I have a tiny collection of them from my childhood. Does anyone know how many there are, exactly? XD I'm contemplating trying for them all but if there's a ton then... nevermind. 9_9

So, yeah! Lots of goodness and I am a happy person today.

While I'm here, I guess I'll try again for this:

Does anyone happen to have that hang tag on the top right? I think more plush than just the Politoed UFO have it considering there are other pokemon on it, so it doesn't HAVE to be from a Politoed. I don't mind if it's bent or anything, just as long as it's not really badly damaged. I'd really rather not spend a whole lot on just a hang tag, but tell me what you'd like for it. <3 And if you have it but don't want to sell it, can you at least take a photo for me? That picture isn't good. XD

Thanks everyone! I hope your weekends were good ones. ♥
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