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re-introduction + a monstro-sity of a get!

Hey everyone! I'm re-introducing myself (but I seriously look new)! I'm Eunhee*, nice to meet to everyone! :) 
I found the community while looking for Lati@s plush in late 2008 (for reasons I forgot why...) and joined in early 2009! I pretty much disappeared late 2009 though but I've been checking back occasionally! I kind of jumped back into collecting after seeing Gin/denkimouse's post on the Wailords (I'm so...shallow XD) and so here I am again! I most likely may be lurking again, but I think you will see me from time to time! Again, nice to meet you! 

Now for an interesting get! :D under the cut~ 

boom! hi, I magically appeared! (sorry for the messy background XD) 

doll!don: what's this? 
mini!don: who knows? it's probably one of Eunhee's Super Junior members** 

doll!don and mini!don are joined by mudkip and minun! 
minun: hey everyone, what's up? 
mudkip: whoa....what's this?! 
doll!don: not a clue but it's scary....
mini!don: Super Junior!!! 
minun: ????? o___o 

Minun and Mudkip go to investigate, only to find ANOTHER bag! 
Minun: what the......
Mudkip: I see something! Oh! More Pokemon! 
Mini!don: So it's not Super Junior? (Mini!don.....the outside bag had pokemon too. Do you really think it's Super Junior?!) 
Minun: Hey doll!don, can you hold it? We're gonna open it from here! (If that's even possible XD) 

Mini!don: you can do it!
Doll!don: guys.......HURRY UP!!!!

Mudkip: Ah! I fell! 
Minun: Don't worry I got it! 
Mini!don: I'll help! 
Mudkip: Whoa, how'd you get there? 
Doll!don: GUYS!!!!! @_@+ 

meanwhile those two are holding down the fort....

Minun: almost there! 
Mini!don: yay!!! 
Doll!don: Thank goodness! 
Mudkip: yay!! 

Wailord comes out, flattening everyone except....doll!don! 
Doll!don: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wailord: Hey guys! :D Long time no see! 

Everyone else is rescued! 
Minun: Hey Wailord! Long time no see!
Doll!don: 'sup, bro. 
Mudkip: Heya! 
Mini!don: I still feel squished.... @_@ 
Wailord: I just came fresh and clean from Japan! 
Minun: Glad to have you here with us! 
Everyone: YAY! One step closer to finding the rest of our team! 

WAILORD ARRIVED!!!!! Thank you so much Gin/denkimouse for getting this super giant whale! He's so cute and squishable! He also arrived safely and my mailman was kind of confused XD

More pictures! :D 

Size comparison with the TOMY figure (mini!don) and Groudon pokedoll. He's....really big XD (my bedsheets are not the perfect environment for Wailords or Groudons!) 

Tag! Sorry for the grainy photo >_< But it's cute and big! :3 

Again, thank you so much Gin! I really owe you a lot for getting this guy out of the pokemon center and into my home! About the team thing, my team in Ruby version actually consists of those 4 (Groudon, Minun, Swampert (Mudkip is like a subsitute XD), and Wailord) + tropius and salamance! I'm the kind of person who tries to collect their team, so this helped tenfold! I usually get the starter forms of my starter pokemon as a replacement for their final form plush (like piplup for empoleon, etc) so it's already over half done! Again, thanks so much! 

'Till next time! :D /oops my Super Junior poster is there XD 


Hot Skitty on Wailord Action is so overrated. :D  How about....Hot....Groudon on Wailord Action? >_> 

doll!don: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<;; 

....or is it the other way around o_____o 
Anyway, enjoy! Yay! :D Thanks for looking! 
* = Eunhee is a preferred name XD I'm not Korean though :P
** = I like Kpop~ Super Junior is my favorite!! They're not relevant in the Pokemon world but whenever I make a picture post, they're probably going to be in there somewhere (by accident, of course~) 
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